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Health experts say 'don't let your guard down during pandemic'

'We are going to get there,' says a doctor
Posted at 5:53 PM, Dec 02, 2020

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Lee Felty, co-owner of Almond Palm Beach is getting the restaurant ready for customers.

"We were making sure everything is completely sanitized. Every surface, extra paper towels in the restroom, extra paper towels outside of the restroom. Little kick plates so that you wouldn't have to touch the doorknobs," said Felty.

Guidelines, he said, are important to follow during the pandemic.

"I know friends who have had it, I have friends who lost their battle with it. You don't want to get it. If it means wearing a mask, if it means doing a couple of extra steps to protect other people, I don't see the harm in it," he said.

Pictures show the staff at the JFK Medical Center COVID ICU caring for COVID-19 patients. Dr. Katherine Hodgin said now is not to time for people to get tired of following guidelines in the fight against the virus.


"We are going to beat this thing. I mean, we can see the finish line. And we have been running hard this entire time. And to stop now and lose more than we have already lost," said Dr. Hodgin.

She said it's like running a marathon.


"We are looking at vaccines that are coming out by the end of this year, some vaccines are going to come out the second week of this month, that is the finish line," she said.

"The masks and the face shields, we've been wearing it the whole time, washing our hands. If we can do it, everyone else can do it and the end is coming. We are going to get there," she added.