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Chamber of Commerce guides get creative to help South Florida businesses

Posted at 12:03 PM, Feb 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-03 12:05:12-05

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Local businesses need support right now, and the classic format of the Chamber of Commerce guides have shifted to serve them better.

Robert Kirschner is the President of Passport Media Group and the publisher for Passport Publications. He has almost 30 years publishing Chamber of Commerce guides in South Florida. He works on 22 unique signature publications.

Printed guides work different from online searches according to Kirschner. While online businesses can employ search engine optimization or paid advertisements, the printed guide offers a much more complete view of the area.

"It allows an individual not familiar with the area to immediately have a snapshot from living, working, playing and doing business within a specific community of the type of businesses and organizations that exist within that geographical area," he explained.

When the Palm Beach guide comes out, it will be delivered to more than 6,000 homes and 168 drop points on the island and in immediate surrounding areas, as it always is. This time, Kirschner is building a micro-website to support the guide.

There will also be a set of new potential shoppers who see the guide.

"So with everything at hand that's transpired in the last year, the Breakers has offered for the first time in decades to help the local businesses by offering to distribute 5,000 of the Palm Beach guides to the resort guests," he said.

Kirschner intentionally makes the book more desirable as a coffee table one might keep in their hands for weeks to months after its received by using high quality paper and printing materials.

This year, he's also added a crossword puzzle, scavenger hunt and bird guide to engage the users.

"The scavenger hunt has a total of 10, 11 pictures on there of things that we drive by every day whether it be on Northlake Way or South County Road. Things that you've seen but you're not really sure," he said.

The hope is that all who touch the guide will be inspired to feel connected with the businesses that aim to serve.