Palm Beach Co. gay-friendly tourism promoted

Posted at 2:18 PM, Apr 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-01 17:50:15-04

Palm Beach County tourism officials are working to get the word out that the area is a gay-friendly place to vacation.

Discover The Palm Beaches is hosting prominent several LGBT journalists from across the country.

The aim is that they'll write about their experience and encourage others in the gay community to visit.

Some of the journalists said that before they began the tour they didn't view Palm Beach County as being as desirable of a vacation spot as Miami or Key West.

"I've found so far, enough to do, and the people so friendly, and so welcoming, and a gay community here, that I think people might have just quickly discounted," said Philadelphia Gay News and Windy City Times writer Jeff Guaracino.

Tourism officials are taking the group to multiple museums, restaurants, bars and a gay polo match. 

They say the idea isn't to only showcase spots popular within the local LGBT community.  They want to show the journalists they'll fit in anywhere in the community.

"The Palm Beaches are a very welcoming and safe community; that they are a person, they are welcome just as anyone else is here, no matter where you matter what restaurant, no matter what hotel they  stay at, no matter which beach they visit," said Discover the Palm Beaches spokeswoman Ashley Svarney.

Discover the Palm Beaches recently formed a subcommittee on LGBT tourism to help the county with a marketing strategy that appeals to tourists in the gay community.