Palm Beach Co. School District jobs could be cut

Posted at 4:42 PM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 16:42:33-05

The Palm Beach County School superintendent wants to cut nearly 60 jobs and use the savings at the county’s poorest schools.

At a news conference Wednesday Palm Beach County School Superintendent Dr. Robert Avossa said he wants to make the district leaner and more efficient.

He also said he wants to address disparities at the poorer schools in the county.

He said that his plan would help accomplish both of those goals. 

The superintendent plans to reorganize the district's regional offices. 58 of the 101 positions would be eliminated.  All 101 employees would have to reapply for the 43 remaining positions, or apply for other jobs within the district.

The superintendent said those cuts will help free up $5.5 million for some of the neediest schools in the county.

“We have about 66 schools in the district that have 90 percent of the children living in poverty. Those schools would get an additional $100 per child to spend on programs right there at their schools,” the superintendent said.

The district said a list of those schools receiving the cash hasn't been finalized yet.

The board is set to consider the superintendent's proposal tonight. If passed, it would go into effect this summer.