PB Co. schools to launch new regional offices

Posted at 7:24 AM, Apr 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-05 07:50:34-04

Palm Beach County School Superintendent Dr. Robert Avossa on Monday announced changes to his administrative structure.

The decision is part of his plan to make the district leaner.  Once in effect, Avossa says the county will be able to move $5.5 million to schools with the highest economic need.

Instead of five area offices, Avossa says there will now be four. The regional offices  (Glades, North, Central, South) will be led by regional superintendents and at least one instructional superintendent.

Avossa pointed out that the nine Instructional Superintendents come from diverse backgrounds.

Of those appointed, four new administrators worked with Avossa in Fulton County, Ga.

The Palm Beach County School Board will vote on Avossa’s plan during their Wednesday meeting. Changes would go into effect July 1.

• Carlene Millen, Glades Region Superintendent
• Howard Hepburn, Glades Instructional Superintendent, Secondary

• Camille Coleman, North Region Superintendent
• Joseph Lee, Ed.D., North Instructional Superintendent, Secondary
• Patrick Galatowitsch, Ed.D., North Instructional Superintendent, Elementary

• Frank Rodriguez, Ph.D., Central Region Superintendent
• Geoff McKee, Ph.D., Central Instructional Superintendent, Secondary
• Jeff Pegg, Central Instructional Superintendent, Elementary 1
• Vivian Green, Central Instructional Superintendent, Elementary 2

• Ian Saltzman, Ed.D., South Region Superintendent
• Glenda Sheffield, Ed.D., South Instructional Superintendent, Secondary
• Jamie Wyatt, South Instructional Superintendent, Elementary 1
• Maria Bishop, South Instructional Superintendent, Elementary 2