Palm Beach County School District taking steps to recruit teachers, help more students

Superintendent Richard Avossa laid out initiatives
Posted at 4:49 PM, Apr 10, 2017

The Palm Beach County School District is taking steps to keep students' attention on teachers and also keep teachers in the classroom.

The school district just agreed to convert half days into full days to add instructional time, but they're also exploring options to provide resources for more students.

Superintendent Robert Avossa explained in a media briefing on Monday that he believes the current schedule tends to hinder students who may not have access to a strong support network.

"I think there's other kids who are coming to us - English as a second language, maybe single-family homes, maybe living in poverty," Dr. Avossa said, "they should be going to school much longer than they do right now."

Avossa also said the district needs more teachers.

Although Avossa acknowledges teachers should earn higher salaries, he said the community's attitude towards teachers also needs to change for the better.

"We need to start thinking of them like we do firefighters and policemen and folks in the military who serve this country," Avossa said, "that's really all this job's all about."

The next job fair for teachers in Palm Beach County is May 20 at Park Vista High School.