PBC Commission votes to extend Uber agreement

Posted at 12:09 PM, Sep 22, 2015

The Palm Beach County Commission voted Tuesday 5-1 to extend Uber's temporary operating agreement until March 2016 or until state passes a law, whichever happens first. 

Gov. Rick Scott has already said that he wants to make this a priority in the Legislature this year. However, previous sessions have been unable to come up with a solution for Uber and other ride sharing apps.

Tuesday's vote does not address other ride sharing apps that want to operate in Palm Beach County.

Commissioners also voted unanimously to send a message to state legislators that they think fingerprint background checks should be required.

Right now in Palm Beach County, taxi drivers need a finger print background check, which is something others in the industry wanted across the board.

In August, commissioners voted against that because the same move pushed Uber out of Broward County.

Uber has been a controversial service since it began, with some asking for stricter regulation of the service to keep customers safe.