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Parent pushes for metal detectors at schools

Posted at 5:50 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 04:07:45-04

School shootings and school safety are on Scott Barnhart's mind quite often now.

"You see your kids off to school and don't know if they're going to come back," said Barnhart.

That is why he emailed us. He feels strongly about a particular issue.

"What's needed to make schools safe," said Barnhart.

He wants metal detectors and single point entries at schools.

"Any kind of amusement park such as Disney or Universal Studios, any kind of event they have them as well I just think it's just worth our kids lives," said Barnhart.

Palm Beach County School District's Police Chief Lawrence Leon commented on metal detectors in February.

"You might as well start school at 4 in the morning and get everyone in on time," said Leon after the Parkland shooting. 

Superintended Donald Fennoy has other priorities as well: "Expanding mental health in addition to putting people at schools with guns," he said in an interview in early May.

"Metal detectors, one entry, one exit and then armed guards. I'm for that. how could you not be for that?" Barnhart wonders.

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