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Neighbors come together to help Palm Beach County couple in need of home repairs

Disabled couple's home has holes in roof, water damage
Posted at 4:08 PM, Dec 08, 2020


Since this story first aired on WPTV, a few companies have stepped in to help the Lynchs.

The company All Dry heard about the couple’s dilemma, and they’ve already put a tarp on the house.

On Monday, an expert will be at the house to assess the mold intrusion and resolve that issue.


An Atlantis couple is receiving some much-need repairs to their home through the kindness of a friend and a few Good Samaritans.

Tom and Suzi Lynch say their 83-year-old neighbor helps them with groceries and with some household chores.

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The neighbor, Vic Triolo, also noticed their ceiling was falling apart and wanted to get the couple some assistance.

Tom Lynch (center)
Neighbor Vic Triolo (left) and Good Samaritan Mark Parrilla (right) are helping Tom Lynch (center) and this wife receive much-needed repairs to their Atlantis, Florida, home.

"They actually need help desperately to resolve this problem. You cannot have rain coming into your house every time it pours," Triolo said.

The husband sometimes uses a wheelchair to get around, while his wife uses a walker.

"Literally 2 feet in our front door, you would see a long piece of ceiling that was 6 inches long with insulation. Ductwork, you'll see that, and it's all open. It's been like that since August, and then the other leaks are by light fixtures. There is a leak in the bathroom. There's a leak in the laundry. It's never-ending," Suzi Lynch said.

Damage to Tom and Suzi Lynch's home in Atlantis, Florida.
Damage to Tom and Suzi Lynch's home in Atlantis, Florida.

Triolo then called his daughter, Pam, who is the mayor of Lake Worth Beach. Community advocates were later contacted to help the couple.

"And [I] said, 'Hey, Mark. Do you think you can help this family? I know you have this foundation that does good things for families in need,' and he said, 'Give me their number, and let me see what I can do," said Mayor Pam Triolo.

The couple is now getting some help thanks to Mark Parrilla, who contacted a roofing company.

"I let them know what I was trying to do. There were no funds or resources yet, but I needed a number to work towards, and Garabar Roofing was kind enough to come meet me," Parrilla said.

Tom is happy he and his wife are getting some help and making friends along the way.

"It's fantastic that there are people like that in the world," said Tom Lynch.

Parrilla said he's inspired to help others because of his grandmother.

"I'm living my grandma's legacy because that's what she told me. When I wanted to feel close to her to do something for somebody who can't do for me in return," Parrilla said.

Click here if you would like to donate to help the Lynchs.