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Rattlesnake kills two dogs

Posted at 7:00 PM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-16 17:52:56-04

Rain, summer heat, construction. For a variety of reason, experts say the snakes are out and about. In The Acreage, a rattle snake killed two dogs.

The dogs' owner said her two dogs were barking in the front yard and when she walked up to check it out, they'd already been struck. One died within minutes, and the other later at the vet. She didn't want to talk on camera, as she was too distraught heading to pick up their ashes. 

Instead, she posted her story to Facebook to serve as a warning to the community. 

Wildlife expert David Hitzig took a closer look at the rattle snake the couple said killed their dogs. He warns the rain, warmer temperatures, and even significant construction in some areas can bring the snakes out. 

"A lot of rain moves everything around," he said. 

Hitzig suggests looking at your vegetation and said you can try reptile repellant products, but he's not convinced they really work. 

Bottom line he said listen for your dog.  And if you do see a venomous snake, take a picture if you can safely do so and then call in an expert with a license to deal with the reptile.