Lion Country experts react to interest in internet sensation April the giraffe

Posted at 2:59 PM, Apr 07, 2017

All eyes are on"April the Giraffe" as she prepares to give birth to her calf. Many people are tuning in every day on Facebook to get an update on her delivery, and the number one question everyone has, "when will it finally happen?"

At Lion Country Safari they've helped deliver close to 70 giraffes. Like many of us, they too are tuning in to see when April will give birth.

April is an internet sensation close to giving birth at a zoo in Harpursville, New York.

Online some are anxious, others are frustrated.

“All I can tell them, as zookeepers we kind of hedge our bets," David Backus, the lead zookeeper at Lion Country Safari said. "It's anywhere from 400 to 450 days, so there’s a 2-month window that they could potentially give birth.”

Backus says when zookeepers start seeing the udders, or breasts, it's a tell-tale sign it's close to giving birth.

“When they start to swell and they get really big you’re really close and the same thing with the back end," Backus said. "I read on their website that they are starting to see some bulging, that’s what you start to look for, maybe a week or two weeks."

Lion Country Safari has two pregnant giraffes and later this year zookeepers will put their skills to the test. The birth of the two new calves would bring their giraffe population to 18.