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Ft. Lauderdale firefighter Sauvens 'Vince' Castelly makes strides as challenges still lie ahead

Posted at 6:51 PM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 18:59:26-04

Signs of hope tonight for a firefighter whose life changed in an instant.

He didn’t get hurt in a fire - instead, it was a violent car accident.

It's been two months since that fateful May night. 
Ft. Lauderdale Firefighter Sauvens "Vince" Castelly was heading home from work to Loxahatchee. 
A speeding driver clipped Castelly from behind, rolling his car over, before it hit a tree. 
“I drove to the hospital expecting maybe a broken leg,” says his wife, Naomie Castelly. “What I saw was...words can't explain it.” 
Castelly survived the crash, but was left paralyzed from the neck down. 
The outlook was grim. 
You jump into fires, you save people, and now my husband is the one that needs saving,” Naomie says.
2 months later came signs of hope.

Naomie shared video with NewsChannel 5 of a diligent Castelly, determined to beat the odds. 
“It’s hard work, and I can see him break sweats, and I can see him fighting to do it,” she says.
“Every single day, 8 to 5, it's tough. He's a strong person. If anybody could make it, he could.”
As he rehabs in Atlanta, there's another battle looming here at home - making his home ADA compliment. 
It's an expensive task for Naomie - who just gave birth to their second son 5 days ago. 
It’s also a task insurance just won't cover. 
“The kids want their father home. I want my husband home. He wants to come home. But we can't bring him home until this house is approved.” 
So Naomie is relying on the faith that's gotten her this far - faith in the community that has stood by her side all the while. 
“This is just another bump in the road…we got this,” she says. “He's gonna come in here walking.” 

If you'd like to donate to his Go Fund Me page, visit here.

The family also has an account set up at Chase Bank for Sauvens Castelly in his name. Contact Kimberly Thomson at 561-309-2820 for more information.