Crews cleaning up sewage line break in The Acreage

Posted at 5:38 AM, Sep 06, 2016

Utility crews in The Acreage are working fast to clean up sewage that spewed into a neighborhood on Monday.

Palm Beach County Water Utilities says a sewer line broke near 40th Street and 110th Avenue North.

Tuesday morning sewage filled culverts on the side of the road. Crews say it was much worse the day before.

In the area, this problem has happened three times since 2011.

One resident said he's fed up with the issue.

"The pipe's crack, and they don't want to replace the whole pipe in front of my house. I've told them that I want a new pipe.  They're just going to patch it up, and in two to three years we'll have the same problem again," said resident Jose Ruiz. 

The spill is leaving many to wonder how safe their well water is. 

The county said only a handful of people living in homes directly next to the broken line should be concerned. 
County water crews collected samples for testing Tuesday hoping to get a better idea of the water quality. 
We spoke to the director of county water utilities - who couldn't give many details on how this happened - or why it's happened so frequently over the years. 
He told us the department will analyze the old sewage pipe once it's out of the ground and decide how to move forward. 
Neighbors are afraid it'll happen again. 
"The county...they put a Band-Aid on it, and then it just goes away," says resident Brett Paniccia. "They never come back to check it or anything."

"This one spot needs to be fixed, the road needs to be stabilized, and they got to find a better way."