Local airports prepare for presidential visit, flight restrictions

Posted at 9:38 PM, Jan 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-31 21:49:29-05

The White House has confirmed President Trump will spend the weekend at his Winter White House. 

This is the first time as president he will come to Palm Beach County. So this will be the first time those new, tougher, security restrictions will be in place.

Lantana Airport must shut down operations when the President come to town.

It's business as usual there today, but this weekend all flights will be grounded.

Rodney Wilson is a flight instructor at Palm Beach Flight Training. He had four reservations this weekend.

"Unfortunately had to cancel."

Now Wilson is out hundreds of dollars.

"Definitely going to have a large impact on my salary here at the flight school," says Wilson.

County leaders say airports and associated businesses across the area could lose millions of dollars.

Right now the county is looking to alleviate some of those impacts.

That won't help line service tech Thomas Durivou this weekend.

"It's hard especially losing hours. The money that I make here basically pays for the college degree that I already have," says Durivou.

Lantana Airport officials are already feeling the effects of potential Presidential visits. One of their tenants has decided to relocate their operations.