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Paradise Fund helping with Bahamas relief efforts

Posted at 3:35 PM, Sep 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-06 19:10:15-04

LANTANA, Fla.-- At Lantana Airport's hangar 508, volunteers with the Paradise Fund and others are loading supplies onto planes headed to the Bahamas. They're getting the most crucial items on board first. They include MREs, medical supplies, diapers, wipes and baby formula.

Kent Anderson, the president of the Paradise Fund made several runs himself. "Bug spray, we are taking over a lot of medicine but can always use more. tetanus shots.

"Donating money makes it so we can go out and buy the things that are absolutely needed rather than having to sort through and wait."

They are making several runs a day, using a professional pilot, Troy Booker, to organize private pilots back and forth. "Everything that we are bringing there is getting directly to the community and people are standing to take possession and distribute it to the community." he said.

Pilots and others who have made in on the ground tell us people in the Bahamas are also in desperate need of tarps as a form of shelter from the sun and harsh elements.

To donate to the Paradise Fund, click here.