New sanitation method used in PBC restaurant

Posted at 9:31 PM, Feb 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-17 21:31:40-05

One Palm Beach County restaurant wants to have the cleanest kitchen in Florida. It's using a high-tech way to kill bacteria and sanitize pretty much everything.

With one spray, Brian Fuller says he can wipe out norovirus, ebola, and the flu.

"Bacteria and viruses can live and thrive in these areas," Fuller says, pointing to a stainless steel table.

He's operating a machine which uses compressed air to shoot a sanitation solution through a gun which activates the solution by giving it an electric charge, making it bind to, and kill, germs.

"It can reach areas we can't see with the naked eye," explains Fuller, with The Cleaner Agent. 

The system is developed by ByoPlanet and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is used in hospitals and airplanes.

Fuller was first introduced to the system as an assistant fire chief in Palm Beach. The department used this method to clean an ambulance after an ebola scare in 2014.

He's since retired from the department and started his own business using this sanitation method.

After seeing norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships and in other restaurants, the owner of The Old Key Lime House in Lantana wanted a way to keep his restaurant safe.

"It's quite scary, people get terrified of that," Ryan Cordero explains who says he's proactive when it comes to cleanliness.

He eventually bought into this method. So much so he's squirting ketchup on the kitchen floor and eating french fries off the ground.

"There is not a cleaner restaurant in the entire state you could eat in, I guarantee it," he says.

Fuller stresses this spray doesn't replace day-to-day cleaning. It's only used once a month, or once a quarter, to supplement other measures.