Enjoying the beach before the storm

Posted at 10:46 PM, Oct 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-05 22:47:06-04

Folks in Lantana enjoyed the last few hours Wednesday at the beach before Hurricane Matthew makes landfall.

The beaches are officially closed as of Wednesday night, but several took time to enjoy the calm before the storm.

It's a family tradition for local mom Diana Shearer.

She says she only comes to the beach right before a tropical storm – a ritual she's had since she was a child.

Wednesday, she brought her children with her to enjoy the last moments of serenity of the beach.

“You never know what the erosion is going to cause, what trees are going to get knocked down, when you'll be able to leave your house next...all that kind of stuff is just so exciting to me,” Shearer said.

Others say they've done all they can to make sure they're prepared. Now they're just waiting to take cover when Matthew arrives.

“The community that we have they boarded everything up, so we went shopping for some stuff, and you know it's crazy. Gas is a long wait,” said West Palm resident Sam Lopez. “We're ready to just hunker down and have fun and hang out as a family.”

Meanwhile, local business owners say they're worried about sand erosion during the storm.

Dune Deck Cafe owner Costa Panais says he won't know what damage Matthew will cause until the storm has passed, but he plans on securing his restaurant as much as possible.