Volunteers help single mother in Lake Worth

Posted at 8:46 AM, Sep 11, 2016

A single mother in Lake Worth is facing fines for things she cannot afford to fix. One group of volunteers is working to alleviate her troubles.

Volunteers from the Genesis Neighborhood Association gathered at the woman's home on North L Street to beautify the home on Saturday.

Volunteers planted plants, painted outside walls and even placed bricks for a new pathway.

The homeowner, Melinda Buono-Morgan, says she appreciates the help and hopes the city will stop fining her, "It has been difficult being a single mom, it really has. I didn't forsee this in my life. I didn't think this would be the way my life would turn out. Either way whatever road I'm given or path I'm given, I'm still grateful."

The city has continued to slap the homeowner with code enforcement violations because of the condition of the property.