Tiny houses on the move in Lake Worth

Posted at 6:04 PM, Mar 16, 2016

LAKE WORTH, Fla. -- Behind a colorful house on a quiet Lake Worth streets sits two tiny houses. The houses were built by a local architect as an experiment, but now they've got to go.

“Today we're going to take the roofs off those tiny house,” explained volunteer Jill Karlin. “We're gonna take all the plants down in the back. A lot of volunteers are showing up today to help out.”

Volunteers included firefighters on their day off, a few homeless and those wanting to give back.

“We have to cut the beam. We have to disconnect all of the piping,” detailed volunteer Ken Horkavy. “We're making great progress, little by little.”

The goal was to take the homes apart just enough to fit on a flatbed truck. One of the tiny houses is heading to the Scottish Rite Masonic Center, the other is heading to the Osborne Center.

“On one end of town we're going to be addressing the veterans,” Jill said. “On the other end of town we're going to be addressing the children. We are going to let the veterans rebuild them, to trick them out with all the little detail work, with little paint jobs. Little rocking chairs sitting on the front porch and we're going to do the same thing down at the Osborne Center.”

But a tiny truck showed up to move the tiny houses, so for now there's been a big setback.

“We just keep pushing forward,” said Horkavy. “The bottom line is these places are either going to be moved one board at a time, or a section at a time.”

Once moved the tiny houses will not be plugged into the power grid or connected to the city sewer system. Instead the homes will serve as living examples of truly green homes.