Potential Braves stadium dividing opinions

Posted at 6:54 PM, Apr 01, 2016

David Bair and his sons Jack and Sammy are used to batting around a few balls at John Prince Park.

The idea of being able to watch the professionals hit instead takes things to a new level for David.

"It would be great, and with my kids getting older, they are more understanding of the game, and I think they would really like it too," Bair says.

The Atlanta Braves are joining the roster of teams interested in Palm Beach County - but why?

Part of the reason - all those teams would give the county one of the largest clusters of spring break teams in one area.

"Obviously they don't have to spend as much time traveling," says Lake Worth vice-mayor Scott Maxwell. "Obviously they have a finite amount of time between late February and April 1st and second to get their work in."

Officials say all the teams in the area will drive fan interest- fans going from game to game to watch the sport.

One Braves representative tells us the Braves alone will generate $100 million dollars in revenue a year.

Some of those living near the park see things differently, however.

"We depend on our county commissioners to defend our living spaces, our rights, and hopefully they do just that," says Katie McGiveron, president of the Residences of Lake Osborne Homeowners Association.

McGiveron says she and others in her neighborhood want John Prince to remain John Prince.

She and others are afraid a new ballpark will upset the peace and quiet she's known for years.

"The negatives would be traffic, noise, light pollution, taking away areas of the park that people use for free right now," McGiveron says.

To show his opposition, one resident is paying to have a billboard driven around Lake Worth for the next few days.

It reads 'Stop Atlanta Braves Baseball Stadium in John Prince Park'.

Residents also plan on showing their opposition at the next county commission meeting.