South Florida Latinos worry about Donald Trump's immigration plan

Posted at 7:14 PM, Nov 09, 2016

In South Florida, the Latino population now waits to see whether a President Trump will do as he said and dramatically change immigration policy.

Nervous is how Cuban-American Iliana Nunez felt as she watched Donald Trump win the election.

“Because I said I hope he changes his mind and considers us, all of us,” said Nunez.

Now, she hopes Trump changes his stance on immigration: his call for a ban on Muslim immigrants, a border wall along Mexico and mass deportations.

When the reality of a President Trump set it, she immediately thought of her husband. He came here from Guatemala. He's undocumented.

“I'm nervous that he'll be… that Trump will take a step and deport him,” said Nunez. “I need him here and my parents are very sick and he's my moral support.”

She's not alone. “The truth is I'm sad because I don't want to go back to Mexico,” said Laura, in Spanish.

I met Laura after she finished her shift at a fast food chain, where she grills and makes sandwiches.

Alexandra is Laura's youngest of three children. All born in America. Her oldest is 12. “He called me today crying telling me that he don't want me to go back to Mexico,” Laura shared.

At the Guatemalan Maya Center in Lake Worth, the assistant executive director told me a lot of calls are coming in.

“They're worried the state will track them and find out they're undocumented, they're worried the schools are going to send their kids to the police to be deported,” explained Tim Gamwell. “Things that are not realistic but definitely causing a panic.”

Nunez and other Latinos are hoping Trump rethinks his vision for America: the melting pot of the world.

“I'm really hoping that he would change his mind because we all need each other,” said Nunez, who explained that she believes in her heart that this will all work out.