Complaints about Lake Worth parking problems

Posted at 7:45 PM, Feb 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-20 20:04:21-05

Spend a morning outside of this plumbing supply company and you'll see a different kind of action happening. One by one, cars and trucks towed from this Lake Worth parking lot.

The people taking up these spots aren't Ken's customers at Action Supply.

He said, "I feel for the people of where they are going to park. But this whole venture here has consumed our business."

Who is consuming his parking spots are people illegally parking, walking across the street to the Tax Collector's office.

In just the few minutes that we have been here, we've literally seen a gridlock, a delay in the parking lot. many drivers walking past  us saying that it took them over an hour to find a parking spot.

And it's a similar view from Chopper 5. One woman walking through the parking lot said, "This parking lot is ridiculous."

We spoke with Cathy Mamedes about finding a parking spot.  She said, "The parking is terrible, terrible. There are way too many cars and not enough spaces."

We counted the parking spaces at the Tax Collectors office. More than 120 spaces, nearly half for employees.

Tax Collector Anne Gannon said, "We probably could have gotten more parking places, if we could have configured the building differently, but that's what was required of us and that's what we did."

Towing will cost you between $60 and $120.The solution? Gannon says save yourself time and possibly a tow bill - pay your tax bill via mail or the internet.

That's advice Ken hopes more of us will take, "I just hope bringing this awareness here gets something done soon."

Gannon told us they are looking at property just north of the building. If a deal works out, she says it could add about 50 more parking spaces. There's also plan for a possible traffic light in the near future.