Parking still a problem at a Tax Collector's building, but an expansion is in the works

Posted at 7:46 PM, Jan 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-11 19:46:56-05

The owner of Action Supply in Lake Worth, Ken, put up signs hoping people who are going to the Tax Collector's building won't park in his parking lot across the street.

 "The signs have relieved some of the problem, but it's just an issue that's not going completely away," said Ken.

The problem started last year when a new Tax Collector's building opened. Not enough parking for staff and customers. Customers parked in his lot, taking away spots for his business.

Many of the driver's cars were towed away Wednesday. Ken says an average of 10 to 15 cars a day.

Fed up with the ongoing problem, he resorted to different tactics to cut down on people parking in his lot.

"We hired a security company to do, so that we wouldn't have the headache but that was running us 4000 dollars a month," he said.

That was costly, so he bought these signs, which he says helped. But it's no relief for those heading to the Tax Collector's building.

"Don't go there. it's crazy. You can't park here. It's crazy. It's a small place and I think it's too many people here," said Elaine Sanchez after she left the building. 

"I say many of those people need to plan a little bit better. There are other options available. The internet is available and it's easy to use," said Tax Collector Anne Gannon.  

Gannon says customers have other options such as taking care of their paperwork through the mail. Customers can also go online and reserve an appointment to cut down on the wait time.

As far as the parking spaces, the county says the building size required 108 parking spots, though they exceeded that number with 146 spaces. Though half of the parking spots right now are marked for staff employees. An expansion is in the works. More than 130 parking spots could be added soon.