Firefighters help students attend Disney trip

Posted at 7:02 PM, Apr 07, 2016

A group of 4th graders from North Grade Elementary is going to Disney World next month, thanks to the help of some local firefighters.

John Resch is a firefighter with Palm Beach County Fire Rescue at Station 91. His son is a student at the elementary school.

When John found out the cost of the trip was $110, he realized not every child's parents could afford to send them to Epcot.

"We at the fire department, and in the community, raised a lot of money so everyone in this class gets to go on the Epcot trip," John said.

He added, "We really think all these kids should have the same opportunities as any other kid."

One of those going to Epcot is Junnia Julien.

"I wouldn't have gone to Epcot if it wasn't for the community and the firefighters for donating this money," Junnia said.

Through the help of social media and the community, the Lake Worth based firefighters were able to raise $5,500 to send more than sixty kids to Epcot in May.

On Thursday, the firefighters presented a check to the school.

Dozens of students made cards to thank the firefighters for what they did.

"I would be sad if my friends couldn't be able to come," said Sabrina Hansen.

The firefighters were just as excited as the kids.

"It's wonderful. It's good to see nice things happen. We see a lot of horrible things in the world, so to see little kids do something, it's pretty exciting," John said.