Fight between 2 men at Lake Worth polling station

1 said he had a gun
Posted at 4:14 PM, Nov 08, 2016

Tempers boiled over at a voting precinct near Lake Worth Tuesday.

Deputies say a 39-year-old man was videotaping a 68-year-old man with his cellphone.

The person being recorded didn’t like it and slapped the phone out of the photographer’s hand.

The younger man then struck the 68-year-old causing him to fall down, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Worried about his safety, the man on the ground said he had a weapon but did not threaten to use it, the sheriff’s office said.

It turned out that he had a concealed weapons permit, investigators said.  However, he is facing a charge of simple battery and criminal mischief and he received a notice to appear. 

The younger person is not facing any charges.

The precinct reopened after being closed for several minutes.

The sheriff's office has not yet identified the identities of the men involved in the altercation.