Forgotten Soldiers Outreach sends care packages abroad

Posted at 5:09 PM, Dec 22, 2016

Imagine waking up Christmas morning far from home with no gifts or family. Thousands of men and women face that tough reality this holiday season but one group is making sure they are not forgotten.

It’s not often you find such determination when wrapping gifts but around one warehouse in Lake Worth, the stakes are high.

This is Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, a non-profit out of Lake Worth that sends care packages to our troops overseas. Today's mission, to get 400 boxes sealed and shipped in time for the holidays.

“We have more deployments out there and people don't realize that,“ says Executive Director Lynelle Zelnar.

Zelnar never thought when she started this 14 years ago it would turn into this. A warehouse where to date they have shipped 400,000 boxes filled with everything from Slim Jim's to toothpaste. Even better is the emotion that comes out each box which you can't see.

“We want them to know especially around the holidays they are not forgotten,” she says. It's a small slice of home, Zelnar says, to thank our men and women overseas who may not be here physically over the holiday but will certainly be here in spirit.

Volunteers, letters and money are all needed to help Forgotten Soldiers Outreach. If you would like to donate head their website at