Customers say company won't finish remodeling jobs

Posted at 7:44 PM, Jan 19, 2017

A couple of consumers are sharing their experiences hoping to help others.

Both paid the same company thousands of dollars up front to remodel their kitchen and bathroom.

However, months later they say the work is still not done.

That company is Custom Bath and Kitchen Remodeling by Gannaway Inc.

NewsChannel 5 spoke to the Vice President of the business who defended the company, claiming custom work takes time and planning.

Two unfinished bathrooms and an unfinished kitchen, that’s what 36 thousand dollars got disabled veteran Matt Hennessey.

"They've left me without sinks for five months,” he said. "The place is a total mess."

Ranae Berry tells a similar story.

“I'm beyond frustrated. I'm locked in and stuck," said Berry.

She hired the same company in October to remodel her bathroom.

"They have 98% of the money already, and I can't get them to finish everything," said Berry.

Hennessey and Berry hired Custom Bath and Kitchen Remodeling by Gannaway, Inc.

"I haven't seen anybody here for about five or six weeks,” said Hennessey.

“They keep telling you that they're coming and they never do,” said Berry. “They lie all day long and it’s broken appointment after broken appointment.”

News Channel 5’s Alyssa Hyman went to the company's Lake Worth location and confronted the vice president.

"What about the customers who say they already paid 36 thousand dollars and the job is still not completed? And it’s been months, and they’re saying they're having trouble getting workers to the house to finish working,” pressed Hyman.

“I don't know of any because we're state licensed through the State of Florida and we have permits on all jobs that are required and the city goes out and does the inspections, so if we were doing anything wrong the State of Florida would be here already," said Michael Fanelli.

Experts suggest anyone preparing to hire a contractor to do work in your home make them put a completion date in the contract, and specify the consequences if that date is not met.