Crime in Lake Worth spikes, community responds

Posted at 7:30 PM, Apr 07, 2016

A big spike in crime in a Lake Worth neighborhood is jump starting community wide efforts to fight back tonight.

There's been two violent crimes on K street alone in downtown Lake Worth along with others nearby. That's why the push is on for community crime watch programs.

On April 5th, a woman was assaulted and carjacked. April 4th,a Subway restaurant was robbed at knife point. April 3rd, a man was shot on K Street.

All of them happening within a couple blocks of each other.

"Really traumatizes you," says Julia Presnell of Lake Worth.

Presnell says she was a crime victim two years ago.

"My car was stolen," says Presnell.

She says deputies are doing their job well, but the community needs to respond.

Recent incidents raise new concerns. Mary Lindsey is with Neighborhood Association Presidents Council. This weeks she's pushing crime watch programs throughout the city.

Putting up yellow signs and handing out flyers with a number to call if you see something suspicious.

"That is a huge deterrent to crime. So hopefully these latest incidents will inspire more people to sign up for COP program as well," says Lindsey.

She says there are currently 8 neighborhoods with crime watch programs and is looking to add more.