Potential Braves stadium would be largest in PBC

Posted at 5:19 PM, Apr 11, 2016

Plans to bring the Atlanta Braves back to Palm Beach County are far from a done deal, but tonight, new details emerging that give a clearer picture of what the team is pushing for.

Sources close to the Braves confirming tonight that the spring training stadium would be the largest in our area.

The Braves still haven't submitted an official proposal, and there's no timetable on when that will happen.  

However, representatives with the Braves have met with county officials, including the county administrator just last week.

Thomas Crenades and Dominic Laforgia say they wouldn't mind seeing the Braves come home.

"I think it's a great idea. It'll bring revenue into the county," Thomas says.

Dominic added - "It's something for all of us to do and look forward to."

The two say they'll be cheering from the stands, and they certainly won't be alone.

Plans are still being drawn up, but a representative for the Braves confirming the team is pushing for a 10,000 capacity stadium.

About 8,000 seats would be permanent, with the remaining 2,000 berm and standing room only seats.

It would occupy 90 to 100 acres of John Prince Park in suburban Lake Worth.

The facility would also include six practice fields and a dormitory for players.

Juha Juurikas and other residents around the park say they aren't completely sold on the stadium.

"I don't like the idea, it's going to ruin the park," says Juha says. "Boats, families, barbecuing,  it's really great out here. If that's gone, the neighborhood is gone."

Ann Rogers, who lives across the street from the park, agrees.

"This a beautiful place, but not for a large stadium like they're talking about. I think they better go elsewhere."

Braves representatives say the 10,000-person stadium would accommodate their large fan base, one with 35 years of history in Palm Beach County.

Despite thinking the move is a home run, Dominic says he isn't so sure about the size.

"8,000? Fine, like anybody else," he says, talking about the other spring training stadiums in the area. "10,000? A little too much."

One thing that isn't clear is who’s going to pay for the $100 million stadium.

The Braves say they are still exploring funding options.

WPTV-TV reached out to the tourism development council, but they told me today they don’t want to comment on this until the county commissioners vote.

It’s still unclear when that vote could happen.