Lack of Obamacare enrollment centers in Palm Beach County slows process

Posted at 5:27 AM, Dec 19, 2016
A record number of Americans signed up for Obamacare on Thursday, which was the original deadline. 
670,000 signed up on Thursday alone. 
Janice Troia was one of them.
"I'm all cleared," Troia said with a smile. "I've already gotten my ID cards."
So many people visited the website that officials decided to extend the deadline until Dec. 19 at midnight.
Signing up for the Affordable Care Act all by yourself can be confusing for some. 
"I just felt in navigating through their website, there was enough problems of finding things that I said I don't want to take the chance," said Janice Troia, who signed up for the ACA with the help of a navigator. "She was excellent," Troia said about her navigator who helped her pick the best plan for her and get her signed up.
Finding a navigator in Palm Beach County can be tricky. 
"I looked online, called a bunch of places," Troia said.
There are no full-time Obamacare enrollment centers in the Palm Beach County area.  Officials said they closed area locations because of a lack of demand.  The closest WPTV could find is in the city of Hollywood in Broward County. 
Troia, who moved here in September, said she was worried she would not be able to find a navigator in the area.
"I even called up my old navigator in Clearwater," Troia said.
She was finally able to find a navigator with Covering Florida, an organization helping people to sing up for Obamacare. 
Monday is the last time Americans can sign up for Obamacare before President-elect Donald Trump takes office, who has vowed many times that he wants to repeal the ACA. 
Troia said she just hopes she will be able to keep her plan. Although she complained Obamacare is still too expensive, she said it is much better than her coverage before. 
"I had a very high deductible and had only 50/50 coverage," Troia said.