Greenacres neighbors fighting rise in burglaries

Posted at 9:38 PM, May 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 21:41:15-04

An uptick in crime is leading residents in one Greenacres neighborhood to take new steps to protect themselves. Neighbors in the Villages of Woodlake say they've seen more and more burglaries recently.

Bonnie and Tom Zurinskas say they were victims a few months ago in Christmas Eve.

"They stole a bicycle, they stole a tablet, and they stole a camera," Bonnie Zurinskas said.

"Nobody likes to have their stuff stolen and their house violated," Tom Zurinskas said. "It's scary."

The couple says their home has a security system, but they forgot to turn it on that day. They say someone broke in through a window.

"We've upgraded with a video camera now and with an app that lets us know if something happens," Tom said.

Other neighbors say they're having the same problem. According to Bonnie and Tom, burglars hit several homes in the neighborhood Wednesday morning, including their next door neighbor's.

According to a report by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, neighbors say they saw the burglars walking around the neighborhood before they tried to pry open the Zurinskas' next-door neighbor's front door lock and front window.

"Everybody could see them," Tom said. "It's so brazen. I hope they get caught."

Until then, Bonnie and Tom say they're sending out warnings that even in a nice, quiet neighborhood like theirs, residents should not let their guard down.

"People need to be aware,"Bonnie said. "Maybe to keep their doors locked throughout the day because you don't know."

Bonnie, Tom and several other neighbors plan to work with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office to set up a neighborhood watch group. PBSO offers the program to any community willing to participate.