Greenacres dad delivers baby boy in his front yard

Labor started before family made it to hospital
Posted at 7:49 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-18 13:32:57-04

A Greenacres woman gave birth to her third child this weekend, but not in the place you’d expect.

Candace Bolden said the contractions started Saturday morning.

“When I reached down to get my phone to call the doctor, my water broke,” she remembered.

Antonio Nailing sprang into action. Ready to get his partner to the hospital for the birth of their third child.

“I was trying to light a fire under her like, ‘We’re going to have it now, if you don’t get to the car right now,’” Nailing recalled.

As they walked across the patio of their townhouse toward the car, Bolden felt something and asked Nailing to look.

“He literally pulled my pants down when we were outside,” Bolden started.

“The baby’s eyes we’re popping out, like kind of coming out,” Nailing finished the thought.

There was no time to drive to the hospital. Nailing told Bolden to lie on the front yard and start pushing.

“All I remember is being on the lawn, looking at the sky and hearing the baby crying,” Bolden said.

Meanwhile Nailing said his instincts took over.

“I took his head and shook him side to side. One shoulder went pop, then the other. And I said, 'big push, big push' and the rest of him slid out in my arms,” he said.

Nailing was able to call 911 to get an ambulance on the way. The dispatcher told him to remain calm, but he said that was impossible.

“I wasn’t thinking anything. All I was thinking is, 'it’s coming out and I need to catch it,' ” Nailing described.

Paramedics took mom and baby, Gannicus, to Wellington Regional Medical Center. Nailing is of Greek descent. He said Gannicus was a gladiator known for his power and leadership.

“The way he entered this world is mind-blowing and it suits him. It’s a unique name, it’s a powerful name and I feel like everything happened naturally the way it was supposed to,” Bolden said holding her newest son.

She called the birth a miracle. Everyone is calling Nailing a hero. He shuns off the praise saying he’s thankful to share a special bond with his son.

“I know he heard me [during delivery]. And I put him up to my chest, that is something I could never recreate or forget,” he said.

The baby passed all of its tests. He’s healthy and back home with his 3-year-old brother and 18-month-old sister. Both mom and dad said there no plans for more babies.