'Unfounded' threat prompts robocall by principal

Posted at 4:30 PM, Jan 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-08 17:09:08-05

Parents of students attending Park Vista Community High School received a recorded phone call from the school principal Friday, informing them of graffiti in the boys restroom that referenced a shooting.

Principal Myers says the graffiti was investigated by school police and determined that "this is not a credible threat."

The graffiti is reminiscent of a similar incident at Park Vista Community High School in December 2015, when school officials discovered a message written on a bathroom wall which said, "I'm going to shoot 11 people can you guess who?" That message was also determined not to be a credible threat by police.

Below is a transcript of Principal Myers' phone call, followed by the audio:

Good afternoon parents, this is Principal Reginald Myers from Park Vista Community High School. In an effort to keep you aware of situations that might occur here on the campus, I want to inform you this afternoon that we did find some graffiti in the boys restroom on our campus referencing a shooting.  School police have looked into this situation for me, and they have assured me that this is not a credible threat to Park Vista Community High School.  Unfortunately we are probably going to continue to deal with situations like this that might come up, but let me assure you that we look into each and every one of these situations and we take them very seriously and we will definitely try to keep parents informed in a very timely manner.

If you have any information pertaining to the source of some of these incidents, please report it to our school police department at 561-434-8700.  Or you may contact the school directly at 561-491-8400 to share that information with us and we will keep it strictly confidential.  

Again, we just wanted to inform you that it was just some graffiti in the boys restroom, it has been looked into, and we will continue to hopefully look forward and just deal with these situations as they occur.  Thank you very much, have a wonderful weekend and thank you for supporting us here at Cobra Country.