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Get your child back on track for school after time off for Hurricane Dorian

Jennifer Sharpiro (left), Melissa Adam (center), Shannon Visentin
Posted at 4:01 AM, Sep 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-17 05:36:19-04

Are your kids back to school, but you feel like something is off? Turns out you are not alone.

There are issues popping up for kids and their parents, but experts say there are ways you can fix it.

Let's start with sleep issues. Sleep experts like Jennifer Shapiro, the founder of Blissful Baby Services, said time off from school during Hurricane Dorian is catching up with kids and their sleeping patterns.

"Because of the disruption, they weren't able to implement a nice bedtime routine that's healthy for the children," said Shapiro.

Shapiro said the remedy is an age-appropriate bed time.

"We want to take everything from the evening and bring it down," said Shapiro. "You know, 7 o'clock we are going to start to eat dinner, and then we're going to have a bath, then we're going to have a million disruptions. I really would love to see our bedtime routine started earlier."

Melissa Adam, the founder of Potty Training School, said parents are calling her to say accidents are still happening. She said they need you to get them acclimated in the classroom.

"No matter how much they love that preschool teacher, they prefer to get used to a public restroom with mommy or daddy there," said Adam. "So, park the car, bring your child in, sit them on the toilet have a little chat with them."

Shannon Visentin, a therapist and the owner of Thera-Peds, said to break the routine and allow time for free play. She said kids are too stressed and anxious.

"The demands are higher and their down time is non existent anymore. They are so over-scheduled," said Visentin. "Play, go outside, climb a tree, make a fort."

Bottom line. Try to reset routines to get back on track.