Demand for security guards on the rise

Posted: 5:14 PM, Apr 09, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-10 08:40:05Z

Security is top of mind for many people, especially after the recent school shooting in Parkland. And there has been an increased demand for security guards.

Patrick Miller's company  Invictus trains future security guards. "For the armed class we are teaching them the fundamentals of marksmanship and how to properly use a firearm while working in an armed capacity."

So the push is on to meet the demand with intense training.

Miller said it's a good program: "In the unarmed class, we teach them how to report right. We teach them observation skills we are teaching them de-escalation and how to deal with hostilities within the work environment."

Ned Prusila is the regional manager for Guard One. "People who thought didn't have security before are all of a sudden going, 'maybe we need to do this now and have security.' And this has been going on ever since Parkland and some of the stuff that happened in Orlando before."

Prusila said since Parkland, requests by companies asking for security guards have spiked more than 25 percent. "We are really having to go out there and put out the fielders. We already do a lot more hiring from the people we already have working for us."

Miller said it's about people who are willing to learn. "I would like to say that law enforcement and the military have the best foundation to start off with and then we kind of build that foundation with our training program. And then you also have those who never worked in the private security. They are good candidates as long as they have a good work ethic."

The company also trains the future security guards in CPR.