Algae in Palm Beach County raising concerns, altering holiday weekend plans

Algae lingering in canals of Lake Clarke Shores
Posted at 8:00 PM, Jun 30, 2016

Algae is a big concern in one Palm Beach County neighborhood as the holiday weekend approaches.

On a normal Fourth of July Weekend, you'd find Skip Pisani skiing the canals of Lake Clarke Shores.

“I was skiing three weeks ago, maybe a month ago,” Pisani said.

But this holiday, his skis are hanging in the garage. He said blue-green algae will keep him and his kids out of the water.

“It was almost like a thick, green paint,” he described the algae.

The water behind his house is dotted with green. The canal is fed by the West Palm Beach Canal, which brings in water from Lake Okeechobee. Now, residents believe it’s part of the reason why they’re seeing the algae.

“I used to bring my grandchildren down here all the time to feed the birds,” Leslie Knowles said standing on her dock.

Near her house the algae is thicker. She's called every elected official she can think of; anyone who can make this stop.

“I called them all, and I left messages and I put messages on our local websites,” she said. 

But she said she hasn't heard back from anyone, and that's upsetting because she said she’s willing to help find a solution.

“I do want this cleaned up somehow, someway.”

She added the problem outside her house won't wait.

“The smell is getting worse everyday.”

The town of Lake Clarke Shores said it is in touch with the South Florida Water Management District and sharing recommendations/information about the algae with residents through its website and Facebook page.