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Advice on how to solve summer childcare logistic nightmare

Posted at 6:54 AM, May 17, 2019

Summer should be all about fun and sun, but for some parents, it can bring a whole new level of logistics. WPTV went out in search of answers to help you navigate the childcare challenges of the season.

Kristina McPherson, a working mom of three, said logistics are just part of her life.

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"It's not easy. Three kids, jobs. I'm in real estate, so my schedule is unpredictable, so I just have to have a lot of plans in place," said McPherson.

That's even more true in the summer when school is out.

"I think knowledge is power, so knowing what's out there, knowing what camps you can put your kids in, knowing what babysitters you can call on last minute," said McPherson. "I think that's everything." lists four ideas to help you solve the summer childcare challenge.

You can hire a summer nanny, find or create a summer childcare co-op, enroll in summer camps, or finally create a hybrid plan of all of the above.

"From a working parents perspective, summer is hardly a vacation for parents," said Connie Fong with, who said there is a surge in interest right now.

"Now is the perfect time to look for summer care options," said Fong.

She said there are college kids and teachers looking for summer gigs as a way to supplement income.

"We see a surge in these people in April and May because they are actually really coming to to find summer jobs," said Fong.

Think about your non-negotiables as your starting point. Fong also said there is a Care Calculator you can check out to see the average pay rate in your neighborhood.

"If they have multiple kids, some people find a caregiver is actually more cost effective than signing up for three or four camps for multiple children," said Fong.

She went on to say adding a little flexibility can go a long way over the summer.

"If you have a babysitter you like, maybe try to work around their schedule if you have set hours," said McPherson.

Below are more resources to help you find summer childcare: