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Watch: South Florida jet skier saves dolphin caught in net

Man uses knife to free mammal from tough nylon rope
Posted at 4:25 PM, Dec 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-03 16:36:40-05

MIAMI — A South Florida man recounted the moment when he saved a dolphin while jet skiing.

Cellphone video captured the entire rescue on film.

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Jet skier Nicholas Tuduri was out on the open water with a friend in Biscayne Bay when he noticed a flailing dolphin that got its tail caught in a net.

Afraid of the animal drowning, Tuduri leaped into action, grabbing a knife to cut the dolphin loose.

Nicholas Tuduri
Jet skier Nicholas Tuduri used a knife to cut free a dolphin trapped in a net on Biscayne Bay.

After struggling to get a hold of the net, he cut the animal free from the net.

"This animal was in trouble, and it was in trouble due to human," Tuduri said. "It was a very thick, tough, tough nylon rope. It took me almost three minutes straight cutting."

He said he rescued the mammal in the nick of time.

"If we wouldn't have intervened, I don't think the dolphin would have survived a couple of hours," Tuduri said.