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Tennessee man removes 20 pythons to win 2023 Florida Python Challenge

Paul Hobbs receives $10,000 grand prize
Paul Hobbs, winner of 2023 Python Challenge
Posted at 3:48 PM, Sep 15, 2023

DAVIE, Fla. — A Tennessee man is the winner of the 2023 Florida Python Challenge.

Paul Hobbs removed 20 Burmese pythons from the Florida Everglades, taking home the ultimate grand prize of $10,000.

The announcement was made Friday morning at the Long Key Nature Center in Davie.

Hobbs traveled to Florida with his father, Tom, who won the grand prize in 2021, and his son to hunt pythons.

Ronald Kigler was the runner-up, nabbing 14 pythons. His reward was $7,500.

U.S. Army veteran Jeff Lince won the military award for the longest python captured. He caught a python measuring 7 foot 9.5 inches long, which earned him $1,000.

Amy Siewe, a former real estate agent who was recently featured by WPTV's Meghan McRoberts, won the novice prize for the longest python, measuring more than 10 feet long.

Protecting Paradise

Former real estate agent prowling for pythons in Everglades

Meghan McRoberts
2:42 PM, Aug 21, 2023

Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez was on hand for the awards ceremony.

"Removing these invasive pythons is an important part of our efforts to protect the Everglades, and this competition allows people to get involved in Florida's conservation efforts for one of the world's most prized natural resources," Nunez said. "I thank everyone involved in making the Florida Python Challenge a successful event year after year, and I congratulate the winners of this year's competition."