Trump: I will veto Obama's gun control

Posted at 9:12 PM, Jan 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-03 21:19:18-05

Speaking to a crowd of more than 14,000 supporters Saturday night in Biloxi, Miss., Republican front-runner Donald Trump made clear his stance on the Second Amendment, as President Obama moves this week to take executive action through gun control efforts.

"The Second Amendment, it's so great to me," Trump said at the rally. "We're not changing the Second Amendment." 

President Obama announced in his weekly address last week that he plans to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch “to discuss our options” for reducing gun violence in America.

"I will veto that. I will unsign that so fast," Trump told the cheering crowd, referring to the proposal of potential executive action by Pres. Obama to tighten gun laws in the U.S.

Obama returned to the White House Sunday afternoon with the First Family following a two-week vacation in Hawaii. He will host a town hall addressing gun violence on Thursday evening hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

NBC News reports Obama will announce new, executive actions on gun control this Tuesday.