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Former South Florida Rep. Ted Deutch says Hamas must be defeated

Posted at 11:47 AM, Oct 18, 2023

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — This weekend's edition of "To the Point with Michael Williams" is set against a backdrop of war in the Middle East, one week after Hamas militants invaded Israel, slaughtering hundreds and kidnapping dozens more. Israel responded with deadly and destructive airstrikes.

Former Democratic South Florida U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch joined Williams, this time in his role as CEO of the American Jewish Committee (AJC).

He began by discussing efforts to provide accurate information to Jewish communities in South Florida and around the world. Deutch said the situation requires "clarity" and called on other nations to
condemn the actions of Hamas.

Deutch also spoke about efforts to provide a lifeline to families and victims in Israel. He said money raised is being sent to organizations helping people on the ground in Israel, whether it's hospitals or families who lost loved ones.

However, Deutch says his key mission with the AJC is to engage with leaders in Congress and around the world to make sure Israel has the resources needed to defend itself. He also echoed the sentiment from Israeli leaders that Hamas must be "defeated."

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Former South Florida US Rep. Ted Deutch says Hamas must be defeated

The discussion with Deutch carried over into the second segment.

As CEO of the American Jewish Committee, Deutch spoke out against the actions and policies of Hamas that he says have harmed both Israel and the Palestinian people. He also discussed what he says are differences between Israeli and Hamas leaders, saying Hamas has "made life miserable for the people of Gaza."

Also in the second segment, WPTV political analyst, Brian Crowley, joined the program to discuss the political implications of the Israel-Hamas war. He specifically addressed comments made by former president and current candidate Donald Trump during a speech in West Palm Beach this past week.

Trump received backlash for calling the Lebanese group Hezbollah "smart." While also saying as president, he would support Israel in completely dismantling Hamas.

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Donald Trump calls Hezbollah 'smart' during West Palm Beach speech

In his "Crowley Closer," Brian Crowley turned his focus to the Republican primary fight and said, in his opinion, voters should pick someone who will surround him or herself with a high-quality Cabinet, members who can handle some of the big issues facing the world today.

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Brian Crowley outlines criteria GOP should consider for presidential nominee

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