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Discussing Biden's infrastructure plan

Posted at 9:55 AM, Jun 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-06 09:55:18-04

As Congress returns to work from its Memorial Day break, President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan will be top priority. Friday, the president dismissed a new Republican proposal, saying the offer did not meet his objectives to grow the economy and create new jobs.

Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch, who represents Florida's 22nd district, told WPTV's Michael Williams on To the Point that the president's plan is needed to help Americans.

Discussing Biden's infrastructure plan

"We have the opportunity to make real meaningful investments in our country and in our future," U.S. Rep. Deutch said. "The American Jobs Plan invests in roads, in bridges and broadband and ports, airports, seaports and invests in the kind of infrastructure that we need."

U.S. Rep. Deutch also said the plan would help American businesses compete globally. Republicans, on the other hand, say the bill will do the opposite. Palm Beach County Republican Party Chairman Michael Barnett told Williams by raising corporate taxes, people will have less opportunities to get jobs.

"It kills the workers' ability to spend that money that could be going to paying for a tank of gas in now going to the federal government to pay for Joe Biden's socialist economic policies," Barnett said.

U.S. Rep Deutch criticized his Republican colleagues, saying if they supported former President Donald Trump's tax cuts, they should support this new infrastructure plan.

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"Those who voted to give these massive tax breaks and massive giveaways to the wealthiest Americans and the biggest special interest should be embarrassed they did that," U.S. Rep. Deutch said. "Here is their chance to make amends and actually refocus on helping the board cross section of Americans be able to compete for themselves, build their own economic success and help America succeed in the global economy."

Barnett said President Biden's plan is different and will add to the federal deficit.

"This is a massive waste. At least the economy was growing, people were employed. It created an economy that benefited minorities," Barnett added. "We had results to show for President Trump's economic policy."

Congress has not scheduled a vote on the plan, hoping instead to come up with a compromise between Democrats and Republicans.

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