PBC women in D.C. to see inauguration

Posted at 7:37 PM, Jan 20, 2017
Kerry Kennsignton from West Palm Beach has supported President Trump from the beginning.  Today, she and her friend from Boynton Beach are in Washington, D.C. to watch the inauguration. 
"We got involved with the Trump campaign together and we're seeing it through until (inauguration) day," Kennsington said. "Everybody was standing up and cheering. We're thrilled to have Donald Trump as our president."
Sitting not far from where President Trump put his hand on the bible was Palm Beach elector Robin Bernstein. 
"I think people were really struck by the importance of the occasion," Bernstein said. "I'm so excited for our country. The experience for me and my family today was truly beyond words."
There were also protesters in Washington, D.C., making their concerns about the new administration heard. Some of them were just right outside Kennsignton's hotel.
"There were people who we met that were here to disrupt." Kennsington said. 
Security was extremely tight around her hotel and the surrounding area. 
"I can't step outside because there is Secret Service," Kennsington said. 
Kennsington said it took her hours to get through all the security check points. At the end of a long campaign, she said it was all worth it. 
"It paid off! We're here," Kennsington said.