PBC women headed to Women's March on D.C.

Posted at 8:19 PM, Jan 20, 2017
As the clock struck noon on Friday and Donald Trump took the oath of office as the 45th President of the United States, a group of women in West Palm Beach were getting on a bus. 
“I was kind of glad that the timing of the bus allowed me to miss the swearing in,” said Christina Bond.
They're headed to the Women's March on D.C. to protest the incoming administration. 
“I’m scared," Bond said. "From cabinet appointees with very little experience to policies that frighten many people.”
They're brining supplies for the long journey to the nation's capital, including several signs. 
“I’m just afraid of losing rights,” said Mirgore Shedd.
For many on this bus, the issues surrounding the election are personal. 
“My son is transgender," said Laura Cain. "On November 9 I woke up to a terrified child.”
Shedd is most scared about losing access to health care. 
“You know, people die. My sister died," Shedd said. "And they don’t care.” 
Fear is a common theme among the protesters on the bus. Saturday, they will march to make their voices heard.
“I’m marching to remind the incoming administration that we’re here, we’re watching you and we’re not going anywhere,” Cain said. 
The captain for the West Palm Beach Women's March on D.C., Alex Newell Taylor, said the message of the march is not to question the legitimacy of Mr Trump's presidency but rather to make sure that their concerns about the new administration are heard.