Rubio supports term limits for Congress

Posted at 11:25 AM, Jan 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-04 11:40:00-05

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday if he is elected president he will advocate for the states to call a constitutional convention to impose term limits on members of Congress.

Rubio's comments are part of a pitch to reign in a federal government that he shad is out of touch with regular Americans.

He's also promising to repeal many of President Barack Obama's executive actions, including his upcoming actions on guns.


His remarks come during a campaign swing through New Hampshire, where he's holding three town hall meetings on Sunday.

Rubio says he'd use the bully pulpit of the presidency to support a constitutional convention to address three specific issues:

  • Term limits for members of Congress 
  • Term limits for federal judges 
  • Pass a balanced budget amendment

He says creating term limits must come from a grassroots movement because members of Congress will never do it themselves.