Complaints at polling location makes voters uneasy

Posted at 10:24 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 08:37:10-04

Complaints are coming from a local polling location after voters say they feel a little uncomfortable at times.

Outside the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections office, you can see the separation.

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Voters like Sylvia Tricarico has noticed the back and forth even before she decided to vote Thursday night.

"Makes it uneasy for groups of people to walk through and get bothered or heckled," says Tricarico.

Some of the back and forth has gotten out of hand. Deputies have responded to several complaints for some disturbances or heckling within the past week.

You can expect a little more presence at the polling location until Election Day.

"We've had an election where passions have really been fired up," says WPTV political analyst Brian Crowley.

Crowley says the candidates are to blame. However he says Donald Trump's talk of a rigged election may be playing more of a factor, asking his supporters to look out for fraud at the polls.

"There's been this tone of ugliness on all sides and frankly I don't think either candidate has done a good job of toning things down," says Crowley.

We reached out to other agencies who plan to have increased presence at polls across our viewing area.