Breaking down Florida's solar amendment

Posted at 11:50 PM, Nov 02, 2016

On the ballot there are four constitutional amendments.

Amendment 1, the solar amendment is a little confusing. The amendment would make solar panel ownership a constitutional right, but the second part of the question is creating a debate.

The Lonergan's look at their electric bill now compared to a month ago and see a big difference.

"I'm happy with it now," says Terry Lonergan.

They decided last month to install solar panels which they say will save them money in the long run.

"Much better than $200," says Richard Lonergan.

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They're paying attention to amendment one of Florida's ballot.

"First sentence hits you right in the face. You think boy this is the greatest thing in the world," says Lonergan.

The first part says "Establishes a right for consumers to own or lease solar equipment and generate their own electricity."

The second part is more important. It reads "Ensure consumers who don't install solar are not required to subsidize the costs created by those who do."

This means electric companies can prevent people from keeping savings they create from using solar panels.

"The deception that they're creating in order to trick individuals into voting against their own best interest is so disappointing," says Justin Hoysradt with VInyasun Corportation.

Consumers for Smart Solar, a political action committee funded by Florida's Utility Companies say amendment one is not misleading, it does not curtail net metering and protects consumers from scams and rip-offs.

The amendment needs 60 percent of yes votes in order to pass.