'A star is born' after President Trump brings Boynton Beach man on stage at rally

Posted at 3:18 PM, Feb 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-19 15:27:46-05

MELBOURNE, Fla. -- During President Trump's rally in Melbourne on Saturday, he brought a Boynton Beach man on stage to say a few words.

Gene Huber, 47, was the first one in line at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport. He told reporters he arrived at the airport at 4 a.m. in anticipation of the event at 5 p.m.

While Trump was speaking to the crowd, he noticed Huber just off the stage and summoned him to the microphone to say a few words.

After hugging the president, Huber said, “Mr. President, thank you, sir. We the people, our movement, is the reason why our president of the United States is standing in front of us today. When President Trump during the election promised all these things that he was going to do for us, I knew he was going to do this for us."

"A star is born," Trump said as Huber was leaving the stage.

About his chance meeting with the president, Huber told CNN, "I was the first one in line. I got here at four in the morning, so I got a lot of interviews from news people. So, president Trump must have seen me on TV. I told the reporter that I love president Trump and president Trump heard me say that...and he told me that on stage. He said that he loves me. And I do...with all my heart because he fights for us each and every second. He didn't have to do this for us, you know? He's 70 years old, a billionaire, beautiful family...and this man comes out and works harder than anyone I've ever seen in my life. And that's why he's a winner."

Huber says the encounter was one he'll always remember, "I want to tell you something, it was a moment of my life. I will never, ever forget what just happened to me."