Phys Ed. teacher helps blind student play basketball

He learned how to get around the court by sound
Posted at 10:08 AM, Apr 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-10 10:11:44-04

HERRIMAN, Ut. - High school PE teacher Kathy Howa recently made some changes to the class equipment to make sure everyone can participate.

Her goal is to get kids excited about staying active.

"It's important to have enough resources and enough balls to play, because you don't want kids sitting around. You want everybody active at all times," Coach Howa said.

“Even though the class is equipped with basically everything they need, coach Howa says that it's her latest noisy purchase (ringing) that's making all the difference this semester," Ashley Moser reported.

A ball with a bell inside.

A backboard with a beeper.

All for a student - without sight.

"Coach Howa usually pushes me... Telling me to keep going," said Conner Green. "Basketball sometimes I think I am not good at it and not good at dribble."

But in the last three months, after his teacher purchased this equipment out of her own pocket - Conner has made basket. After basket.

"He was able to learn how to dribble, then he was able to learn how to shoot just by getting the sound from the backboard," said Coach Howa.

"It helps me to listen and find it so I can shoot, yeah," Conner said.

Coach Howa says the transformation has been amazing to watch.

"I don't even look at it as a disability because he wants to try everything," said Coach Howa.

Something Conner is grateful for.

Helping him disprove the myth, that you need see the ball to make the shot.

"I like just trying to do it and then showing them, I can do it. It just has to be a different way," said Conner.

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