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Floridians preparing for colder temperatures this weekend

'Going to be cold and Floridians don’t like the cold,' owner says
Posted at 5:26 PM, Dec 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-23 17:26:05-05

JUNO BEACH, Fla. — Protecting plants, people, and pets is top of mind for Floridians, who are getting ready for a blast of cold air this Christmas weekend.

At North Pole Christmas Trees in Juno Beach, they’re about to close up for the season.

“Breaking it down,” said Eddie Yanchitis, the owner. "Forty years in the books. We are putting this puppy to bed. I’m from Lake Placid, NY. Guys from Lake Placid have been doing it since the 20s. I started in 1982 down on Northlake.”

Some tree shoppers waited until the last minute.

“Knew you were gonna ask that,” said Paul Edelene from New York. “But looks like there is enough left over to get a good one.”

Yanchitis said tree shoppers seem to be talking about one thing.

“Gonna be cold, gonna be cold, and Floridians don’t like the cold,” he said.

“It’s still warmer than it will be in New York,” said Edelene, who at first didn’t buy much into the cold temps, thinking it was just Floridians being Floridians.

“I was thinking that originally, and then when I saw temps were gonna drop by in some places, up to 40 degrees,” he said.

At nearby Juno Beach, people are getting out.

“Before it gets freezing tomorrow,” said Felicia Anastasi.

“We are gonna stay inside, stick with family,” said Chase Julia. Her grandson is staying in town with her.

Later, Anastasi will be focused on protecting plants and people.

“You got me thinking about it,” she said. “Hadn’t thought about it. I think mostly we were just thinking about keeping the people warm.”

Amanda Barns is in town, pet sitting from Chicago.

“I’ve been told multiple people are without heat in their apartments,” she said. “It’s going to be quite a swing from Chicago, where I believe it’s -7.”

She’s getting the pup out while she can.

“Probably keep the walks short in the morning when it’s super cool,” she said.

A couple visiting from Washington, D.C., got engaged under the Florida sun this morning. Now planning to celebrate in some colder than expected temps in the next couple of day.

“It’s not that cold,” said Matt Jones. “In D.C. tonight, it’s gonna be 15 tonight, and so I can deal with 40s.”